Strong Relationships.
Resilient People.

Each year, Arbor Circle guides 13,000 people on journeys toward resilience. Tough times and hard choices are part of life—what matters is how we respond. That's why we help clients discover strengths, skills, and support networks for their journey. It's a story of resilience shaped through more than 35 programs and services, and it's a story you can join by getting involved.

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Arbor Circle's EHR
Arbor Circle's EHR

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Strong Beginnings for Infant Health
In 2003, Grand Rapids had the highest black infant mortality rate in Michigan at 22.4 deaths per 1000 live births -- by comparison, white... read more »
Stories from Arbor Circle
A teen, with a history of alcohol use that began at a very early age, came to Arbor Circle for help. Her run-ins with the law and recent behavior triggered her parents and probation officer to force the issue. She had been in treatment before. Besides the alcohol, she suffered post-traumatic stress from being sexually abused as a child. Her parents had tried to get the help she needed, but she continued to self-medicate with alcohol.At Arbor Circle’s Counseling program, she first attended Intensive Ooupatient services, transferred to a Women’s Early Recovery Group, and now attends the women’s Seeking Safety Group. She had difficulty with continued substance use while in treatment, but eventually achieved stable abstinence and... Read more »