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Each year, Arbor Circle guides 13,000 people on journeys toward resilience. Tough times and hard choices are part of life—what matters is how we respond. That's why we help clients discover strengths, skills, and support networks for their journey. It's a story of resilience shaped through more than 35 programs and services, and it's a story you can join by getting involved.

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Spring Dinner 2014
Register for the Spring Dinner today!
Register for the Spring Dinner
April 30, 2014
The Goei Center
This year’s Spring Dinner has a special focus on youth. We are honoring an individual who furthers Arbor Circle’s mission by helping youth and families find the strength to overcome and succeed by celebrating the work of Ben Emdin, an advocate for healthy kids and healthy families in West Michigan. We hope you will attend this dinner to learn about Ben’s impact and to hear how Arbor Circle is helping people discover the strength to overcome obstacles in their path.  Visit the Spring Dinner page to register and for more information.


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Stories from Arbor Circle
Strong family photo
A couple of months before seeking Arbor Circle's in-home family services, the 14 year old teen was constantly fighting with her parents. She stayed out late and rebelled against even the smallest parental request. She often skipped school and her grades were quickly going downhill. Her parents suspected she was drinking and putting herself at risk when she was out with her friends. The stress of dealing with her put stress on their relationship. They couldn't find anything positive about her behavior and were completely burnt out and had given up hope. Coming to Arbor Circle, the family was skeptical about how in-home services could help them. As they worked with the therapist, the parents gained more insight about the reasons behind the teen's behavior. As support was given to them,... Read more »