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The Ambassador's Circle

Are you interested in getting involved at a higher level with Arbor Circle but not exactly sure how you can help?  Join the Arbor Circle Ambassador's Circle!
Why do we need an Ambassador’s Circle?
The Ambassador’s Circle provides awareness, education, communication, support and advocacy about emotional health issues to help the community think differently about how to remove the barriers and misunderstanding of receiving emotional help. These barriers can often bring additional feelings of shame and isolation and can even cause an unwillingness to seek services. Helping the community reach its full potential starts with thinking differently about each individual and families journey toward emotional health and wellness.
What is the role of the Ambassador’s Circle?
  • Be a voice for the children, youth, families and adults that Arbor Circle serves
  • Build connections and networks in the community as the ‘Roots in the Community’ to promote change through information and awareness
  • Attract new people in the community to learn about the agency services
  • Help introduce businesses and groups to Arbor Circle through engagement activities such as tours and special activities to help them get involved
  • Develop ideas about how to get community input on needs and issues and get the community more familiar with Arbor Circle services
  • Provide community wide information about agency services and resources through the promotion of events, agency newsletters, advocacy and general information via social media, other electronic methods and word of mouth
  • Help bring the community together by hosting a table at the Community Circle and recruit other table hosts
  • Solicit feedback and recommendations to help Arbor Circle meet the community need
There are three meetings scheduled for June. Please contact Janelle if you are interested in attending.  We hope to see you there!
For more information please email Janelle Hill or call 616. 456. 7775