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When you give to Arbor Circle, you help create a foundation for nearly 22,000 individuals and families to prevent or overcome life’s challenges.

That number – 22,000 – represents so much more than the people we served last year. It represents thousands of journeys that have crossed our path and continue to unfold in our community. Click here to read some of our stories of resilience. 
There are more stories of resilience to discover, in part because there are no guarantees that hard times and tough choices will go away. What makes the difference at Arbor Circle is how we view these challenges. Rather than looking only at immediate need, we dig deeper to find opportunity. Rather than seeing cycles that can’t be stopped, we discover places from which to grow. And our approach is working:
  • 94% of individuals served at Arbor Circle felt they made progress towards their self-identified goals upon discharge from services. 
  • 70% of individuals who participated in treatment for substance use disorders remained abstinent and an additional 10% reduced their use at discharge from Arbor Circle Counseling Services. 
  • 96% of infants and toddlers whose families received infant mental health services from Arbor Circle were developmentally on target at discharge in their gross motor skills and 94% were developmentally on target for their personal/social development. 

This impact is the result of support from people like you. Will you join more than 22,000 individuals and families on a journey to resilience? 

Make a gift online now, or learn about other ways to give. We also welcome individuals and groups as volunteers and look forward to connecting you with opportunities to get involved!