Strong Relationships.
Resilient People.

Each year, Arbor Circle guides over 20,000 people on journeys toward resilience. Tough times and hard choices are part of life—what matters is how we respond. That's why we help clients discover strengths, skills, and support networks for their journey. It's a story of resilience shaped through more than 50 programs and services, and it's a story you can join by getting involved.

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2016 Annual Report
Our 2016 Annual Report is Available Now!

It is with deep gratitude to our supporters that we share this report of our impact in 2016.

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Pathways has merged into Arbor Circle
The Boards of Directors of Arbor Circle and Pathways, MI announced Pathways, MI has officially merged with and into Arbor Circle as of... read more »
Stories from Arbor Circle
It was common in “Sophia’s” house for there to be a lot of yelling and screaming.  Her mother’s untreated mental health issues created an unstable home environment and left Sophia feeling unwanted and belittled, creating depression and anxiety.  She was scared.  Eventually it got so bad that she was taken away by CPS and placed into foster care.With a supportive foster family, she came to Arbor Circle and she was finally in a place where somebody would listen to her.  She found her voice.  “I was able to share my life story with them.  It helped me to get my feelings off my chest and out of my mind.  I felt relief.  I felt like I have a voice.”Since working with Arbor Circle, Sophia sees a much brighter future for... Read more »