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Our approach

Strong relationships. Resilient people.

Strong, therapeutic relationships are the hallmark of Arbor Circle’s work. With an expert team of more than 170 counselors and 30 mentors, these relationships go beyond traditional therapy. While they may include a therapist working with an individual, they can also include a child bonding with a mentor, a staff member connecting a family to resources, and more. 
These relationships take root through an approach that welcomes each client’s story and provides each person the dignity they deserve as they grow. At Arbor Circle: 

We understand that change is not a straight line. 

Like our name suggests, life is circular. As people work to become resilient, they may come back to familiar places and patterns, even unhealthy ones. We view these experiences as opportunities rather than setbacks or failures. We believe success includes asking for help, so we build trusting relationships that leave our doors open throughout a client’s journey. 

We recognize each client’s connection to others. 

Just as a personal crisis impacts an individual’s family and community, so too can the process of growth and recovery have a larger healing impact. We acknowledge this by taking stock of clients’ relationships, providing services to their families as needed, and helping them build support networks in the community. 

We guide people to personally discover their resilience. 

Becoming resilient is a powerful and personal experience. No one can simply give another person a sense of resolve or the ability to adapt. What we do offer clients is a process that helps them face the fear of change, recognize or prevent unhealthy patterns in their lives, and use their strengths to create new patterns. 
This approach can be life-changing for clients and powerful for our community. Instead of simply addressing the crisis of the day, Arbor Circle helps equip people to take on life’s challenges, today and in the future.  Learn more about how our approach leads to lasting impact in West Michigan.