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Our impact: Resilient people

Some might say that our approach is a rather optimistic way to look at our community’s challenges. Aren’t these tough times? Doesn’t the economy mean there are more problems and fewer solutions? 
We believe every challenge presents a choice: be energized or be paralyzed. It’s a choice many of our clients face every day. And as they discover their resilience and make change, so do we. 
Choosing this path not only leads to healthier and more creative ways to solve problems, but it tends to be more effective, as seen by the following outcomes: 
  • 94% of individuals served at Arbor Circle felt they made progress towards their self-identified goals upon discharge from services. 
  • 70% of individuals who participated in treatment for substance use disorders remained abstinent and an additional 10% reduced their use at discharge from Arbor Circle Counseling Services. 
  • 94% of youth receiving short-term shelter services from the Bridge return to safe and stable housing provided by family and 6% are referred to more intensive mental health services at discharge. 
  • 96% of infants and toddlers whose families received infant mental health services from Arbor Circle were developmentally on target at discharge in their gross motor skills and 94% were developmentally on target for their personal/social development. 
  • 92% of children who entered Arbor Circle’s home based program and were at risk of self-harm showed a significant reduction in harmful self-behaviors at discharge.

For clients, our approach can be life-changing. Having the skills and perspective to adapt serves more than a person’s immediate needs. The resilience that Arbor Circle helps them find is self-renewing... just as it cannot be handed out to people, so too can it not be easily taken away. As new struggles happen, the people we serve are able to ask different questions, see more opportunities, become more resourceful and ultimately lead healthy, self-sufficient lives. 

For our community, this means that instead of investing in only the crisis of the day, we also invest in people equipped to take on life’s challenges. And we are doing it in a way that relies on and builds their personal strengths. This compassionate approach means our impact spreads further, faster. Resilient people are strong parents, caring friends, and dedicated colleagues, playing roles in our community that have the potential to touch many lives. 
Want to see this impact firsthand? Read some of the stories of resilience and join us in thinking differently about our community.