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Make an impact with the Giving Tree

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Each year we serve more than 11,000 children, youth, adults and families as they prevent or overcome life’s challenges. While our therapists, mentors, and coaches provide the counseling that guides our clients’ journeys, the support of community members like you also plays an important role. Sometimes it’s a big need—like renovating The Bridge—and sometimes it’s something more specific. 

That’s where our Giving Tree comes in. Through it, we share ways you can have a big impact right now: 

  • $25.00 Assisting a youth with bus passes
  • $25.00 Books for parents to read to young children
  • $50.00 Books for teens to read at the Bridge
  • $50.00 Arts and craft supplies for young children
  • $100.00 Assisting a family in need with bus passes or gas cards
  • $250.00 Provide resources for a Homeless or Runaway Youth to obtain his or her GED
  • $500.00 Sponsoring a Family Fun Night at one of the schools we serve

If any of these interest you, visit our Giving Tree page and make a note which item you are giving.