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A young mom prepares for a better life

never give up

After growing up in the projects of Chicago, Erika came to Grand Rapids at 17 years old and in search of a better life. The path to that life took some unexpected turns. 

“I was struggling with mental health issues, parenting issues, social issues… I needed better counseling,” she explains. 

She found Arbor Circle after seeking services for her child, and she began working with her therapist to prepare for the better life she had originally sought. “They helped me with my goals. We wrote them all down, and one by one, we started to take steps to doing them.”

Today, Erika is the proud mom of three kids and is making healthy choices about her future. 

“I was a child running wild,” she says with a laugh. “I actually put my trust into Arbor Circle… they were what I needed. They were friendly, they were understanding… They’ve taught me how to be a better person.”