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Raising Awareness during National Runaway Prevention Month

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Over 1,000 youth were reported as runaways in Kent County last year. Many more were in situations that left them unsafe or put them at risk of becoming homeless. In those situations, Arbor Circle and its homeless youth programs are available to help ensure all our community’s youth has a safe and stable roof overhead.

“We often meet youth in a state of crisis, and their families may feel like they don’t know where else to go,” explained Andrea Martin, a therapist at the Bridge. “While the immediate need is often shelter, our work is really about relationships. It’s about helping the youth trust us so they can start talking about the issues they face, and helping them get on their feet so they can focus on their future.” 

To shed light on homelessness and the related issues that face our community’s youth, Arbor Circle is hosting an awareness event at The Bridge, a residential and counseling program for homeless youth. The event will be a special learning experience created in part by local youth who have faced homelessness. 

“This is an open house event for anyone who cares about youth, the challenges of youth homelessness, and wants to be part of creating solutions. We will be offering tours, and staff will be on-hand to answer questions,” said Martin. “We are excited to show the community how Arbor Circle thinks differently about homelessness to help youth build their own resilience."

The Bridge Event: Experience stories of runaway and homeless youth