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A young man faces depression to find new hope

As a young man, Tyce had to navigate the usual challenges of growing up with added pressures of stress at home, tension among his family, and growing anger and depression about his life. After a long journey of facing such challenges, he felt like he had run out of options.

“I went up in the swamp up north that I hunt in with my dad, around the tree where I shot my six-point, and I was 30 feet up in the air. I left a suicide note with my best friend, and I overdosed,” he explained. 

Hours later, Tyce was discovered in the woods and began the process of healing and building new hope for his future. The path brought him to Arbor Circle, where he was connected with a therapist whose first priority was to help him feel safe and supported in sharing his story.

Tyce said that relationship is what helped him reach a turning point. He shared that Arbor Circle offered “a therapist that I can open up to and say about anything, and she won’t take offense to it. She likes me for who I am, and accepts me for who I am and what I’ve been through—no matter what.”

Years later, Tyce continues to be an example of how strong relationships are a key to resilient living. He now wants to give back and provide such support to other youth in need. “I want to go back to college… to be a youth pastor at a church,” he shared, adding that he wants “to be able to be open and discuss kids’ issues, and help them grow and not struggle through the things that I’ve struggled through for years.”