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Adopt a Family - Give a Gift with Impact

Monday, November 19, 2012

Arbor Circle’s Adopt a Family program is a wonderful way to transform gift-giving at any time of year, while bringing joy to people who really need help.

This program is especially popular during the holidays when families like the Perschbachers adopt an Arbor Circle family in lieu of giving each other gifts. Arbor Circle staff identify client families who are  struggling, and obtain gift suggestions for all the family members. “This year the gift suggestions didn’t include the fun things we used to ask for as kids,” says Walter Perschbacher. “They had essentials, like coats and warm clothes and cookware. So we decided to buy every single thing on the list. We had a great time shopping, and we literally filled the staff member’s car with gifts for a family of five! Our family still got together for Christmas, but we could focus on just enjoying each other’s company. We all felt good knowing that our gifts really had an impact.”

Seventy percent of Arbor Circle’s 10,000 client families earn less than $15,000 per year. These families have to make hard choices, such as buying food vs. making a rent payment. They need groceries, clothing, and household essentials throughout the year, not just during the holidays. Anyone or any group can adopt a family. The need doesn’t end when the new year starts. If you would like to make a difference  to people who really need help this year, please contact Margaret Resner at (616) 456-6571 or