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2012 Highlights

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Starting early, even at birth, makes a difference as demonstrated by Arbor Circle’s involvement with the Baby Scholars project. Baby Scholars is a Believe 2 Become initiative, sponsored by the Rich DeVos Family Foundation. This year Arbor Circle served more than 530 children and their caregivers with four Parent Coaches for a total of 1,062 participants served. The Baby Scholars team at Arbor Circle provided 672 group sessions. The outcomes show that 96% of the parents surveyed upon completion of services had a high level of satisfaction with the program and reported they were more prepared to engage their child in healthy interactions to improve their reading skills. 90% of parents reported they were likely to recommend the program to others.


Arbor Circle services received high marks in
customer service in 2012. There were a total of 1,788 client satisfaction surveys completed throughout the year, representing all Arbor Circle services. The results showed that 97.3% of all clients reported that they were satisfied most of the time to always satisfied with their services (86% always and another 11.3% most of the time). The feedback of our clients is important to us and is used to improve services.   


The positive impact that services have on our client’s needs is what matters most. Arbor Circle’s Home based program uses the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS) to measure treatment success for youth and families receiving mental health services. The scale looks at behavior in school, home and the community and addresses emotional, thought and substance use issues. This year, 83% of 591 youth and families improved in at least one of three outcome indicators, with 78% showing significant improvement.    


Arbor Circle Peer Recovery Coaches assist individuals in addictions, mental health treatment and at-risk situations to identify and overcome barriers to their individual recovery process. This year, 8 Peer Recovery Coaches provided 2,800 hours of outreach, coordination and peer services to 278 individuals as they maintained and enhanced their life in long-term recovery.  Peer Recovery Coaches are involved with the Family Engagement Program, Outpatient Services in Kent and Newaygo, Mission Inn, Valued Community Member Services, Street Outreach and Recovery Management programs.    


Arbor Circle serves people in Kent, Ottawa and Newaygo Counties, many of whom are financially disadvantaged.  Our programs and services address mental health and well-being, substance use, family development and prevention.  Here are a few notes about our services and clientele in 2012. 

Over 12,400 clients served

88% of our clients are from households with annual incomes of less than $25,000

65% of clients were families with three or more family members

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