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Welcome In-To the Circle

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Many people in our community face obstacles that challenge their ability to lead healthy lives. Arbor Circle believes everyone, regardless of their experiences, has the strength that gives them the potential to change. Are you interested in learning more about how Arbor Circle impacts the lives of more than 12,400 people every year? 
We offer monthly guided tours of our campus at 1115 Ball Avenue NE in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These tours provide information on how over 35 programs guide people to develop the resilience needed for their journey. 
Learn more about us through conversations with our staff that are at the heart of our work. Whether you are passionate about a particular issue, such as homelessness, youth development or substance use, or simply want to help our community reach its full potential, we invite you 
to join us.
For more information on tour times call 456-7775 or visit