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From the President's Desk - Summer/Fall 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Celebrating The Power of Resilience
There are many reasons a person might come to Arbor Circle. We welcome each person’s story with dignity and respect. At this year’s Spring Dinner, over 200 people celebrated the strengths and resilience that our clients discover in themselves. This is a powerful and personal experience of clients building new skills to take on life’s challenges. The stories of discovery, growth and courage inspire and teach all of us. It speaks to the personal resolve deep within – that powerful feeling of “I can do this!” that guides how we respond and adapt to change and difficulty.
Reaching More People
This year, Arbor Circle guided more than 12,400 children, youth, families and adults on a journey to prevent or overcome mental health, substance use and family development challenges. The agency’s 2012 Highlights include information on who was served and the positive benefits to our clients. But the positive effects are far greater than the clients themselves. It extends into the community as resilient people become stronger parents, caring friends, and dedicated colleagues, playing roles that have the potential to touch many lives.
Thinking Differently
While we provide a variety of services to support our community, it is how we work that makes a difference. For example, Arbor Circle’s Baby Scholar program knows that starting early, even at birth, makes a difference in a child’s life. Our Peer Recovery Coaches guide others through the recovery process that the coaches themselves understand from personal experience. Arbor Circle’s difference can be seen anywhere from our measurable positive impact to our high client satisfaction ratings. For our clients, our approach can be life changing.
Warm regards,
Jack Greenfield