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2013 Spring Dinner Celebrates Resilience

Sunday, September 8, 2013
This year’s Arbor Circle Spring Dinner celebrated resilience by honoring Lew Chamberlin, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer for Whitecaps Baseball. Lew was recognized for his strong commitment to ensuring children and families are healthy and ready to succeed, a cause equally important to Arbor Circle. He began the process of bringing a minor league franchise to the area in 1987 and didn’t rest until the team’s inception in 1994. A native of Grand Rapids, Lew uses the same determination and commitment to champion causes that make our community stronger for all of us. Cole Williams, a parent, mentor, and community leader, spoke at the Dinner of his positive involvement with Arbor Circle services. Born and raised in a single parent home, what fatherly wisdom would have been shared with him if his father would have been there? As a young boy growing up in an unfair world, Cole had no answers to his questions. In turn, he questioned his very identity. Through his work, “The Evolution of a Son to a Father”, he shares a moving and revelatory series of workshops and conversations that explore one man’s journey from growing up fatherless to becoming a single teenage father. He reunited with his biological father when he was 29 and began fostering and adopting fatherless boys. Two very different people, Lew and Cole both share the same resolve that is worth celebrating and giving hope to us all.