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Arbor Circle Receives Partners for a Racism-Free Community Credentialing

Thursday, March 3, 2016
In March 2014, Arbor Circle began working with Partners for a Racism-Free Community (PRFC). PRFC assists organizations with assessing their environment and culture to be more inclusive and racism-free using the “I CARE Organizational Assessment”. “I CARE” is an acronym for “Institutional Challenge to Achieve Racial Equity”. The assessment focuses on six target areas: leadership engagement; internal policies, practices and processes; external collaborations and relationships; contractor, supplier or vendor practices; client, customer and/or marketplace practices; and measurements and results. While the assessment evaluates the agency’s efforts in maintaining a racism-free environment, it also assists Arbor Circle in exploring how we are doing in a variety of other areas such as culture, socio-economic status and gender; in addition to evaluating our current practices.
In March 2015, Arbor Circle was formally awarded a Level 1 Credentialing Certificate from PRFC. It is a great honor to be recognized by the PRFC for achieving successful completion of all six standards. This means our organization has taken an intentional and committed stance on working to become an inclusive and racism-free organization. We are publicly recognized as ‘partners’ in the work toward racial equity. While this is a beginning point and not our destination, we are thrilled to be recognized and stand with others in our community against racism.  
Just like the people we serve, Arbor Circle is in the midst of a journey toward resilience. Part of this journey involves striving to be inclusive and racism-free, so that every individual feels welcomed and wanted in the Arbor Circle environment. This includes both our staff and the clients we serve. We are striving to promote racial equity within our organization as well as our local community. We believe this is good for business and will have a positive impact on our staff, clients and community.