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Arbor Circle Launches Initiative for Runaway and Homeless Youth

Thursday, March 3, 2016
In September 2015, Arbor Circle launched an initiative to expand programs and services for runaway and homeless youth in West Michigan by raising $900,000 over the next three years. Arbor Circle is the only agency in West Michigan with a full range of care designed just for runaway and homeless youth and for more than 40 years, we have walked with thousands of youth in every step of their journey – from the streets to stability.
Each year in West Michigan, 2,000 youth are homeless or have run away from home. Growing up is hard enough without fearing for your basic health and safety. Facing such challenges so early can put youth at a disadvantage well into adulthood. For instance, youth who run away earn about $8,800 less per year over their lifetimes.
Over the next three years:
   •  At least 1,500 youth will be directly served with increased   
       access to comprehensive therapy, skills training, safe 
       housing, and resources for their long-term stability. 
   •  5,000+ youth will be engaged in outreach and education, 
       such as the support that our youth outreach workers  
       provide out in the community every day. 
   •  200+ community partners will be engaged in presentations 
       and outreach to build deeper awareness and collaboration 
       that benefits youth facing homelessness.
We’re proud to share that by the end of 2015, our community had already invested more than $300,000 toward our goal.