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Trauma Informed Care Approach in 2015

Thursday, March 3, 2016
More than 70 percent of Arbor Circle clients served in 2015 report having experienced childhood trauma. Arbor Circle has joined the movement to prevent and address trauma by embracing a Trauma Informed approach to care. 
Research consistently demonstrates the more trauma a child experiences, the worse their overall health outcomes become. Examples of such traumas include: sexual, physical, emotional abuse and/or neglect; domestic violence; and having a parent with a mental illness or substance use disorder.  
In 2010, Arbor Circle developed a Trauma Informed Strategic Plan that examined policies, procedures and treatment modalities. Since that time:
   •  Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Training is integrated into new 
       employee orientation and formal training is offered inter
       nally twice per year, with four staff trained as TIC trainers
   •  100 percent of Arbor Circle’s clinical staff have been trained  
       in TIC principles
   •  25 staff are credentialed and trained to provide trauma 
       treatment in an individual and/or group setting
Being Trauma Informed means we recognize the potential for trauma with everyone who engages in services. This supports pathways to recovery and promotes resilience and healing. Sixty-six percent of services are provided in the home and 
services are holistic and hopeful. We maintain a purposeful commitment to preventing and minimizing the impact trauma has on children, adults and families in our community.