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Preventive treatment and case management

Helping youth make healthy choices

Arbor Circle’s Youth Prevention services help equip young people with healthy coping and safe decision making skills. The program engages at-risk youth and the systems that they connect to, such as neighborhoods, family, schools, and community. The program addresses issues that are important to youth, such as alcohol and marijuana use, suspension and expulsion, delinquent or misdemeanor acts and family conflict.

How it works

Youth Prevention Services provide psycho-educational group activities and support services to develop and strengthen effective healthy life skills and opportunities to at risk youth. Services also involve the youth’s community, school, and family and may include:

  • Assessments
  • Psycho-educational Groups
  • Community Service Learning Opportunities
  • Supervision/Support for suspended/expelled youth
  • Referrals


Arbor Circle provides Youth Prevention Services to youth ages 14 to 18 residing within Kent County. Services are free of charge.

Looking for support? Call us at (616) 451-3001 or contact us now to learn more about our prevention services and other programs for youth.