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Re-Entry Community Linkages (RE-LINK)

Helping people discover new strengths and skills in the midst of tough times

Across the United States, approximately 60% of prisoners are African American or Latino, and studies show that approximately two-thirds of those formerly incarcerated will likely be rearrested within three years of release. 

The RE-LINK program is a response to systems failing this population. Through this program, Arbor Circle will work to improve health outcomes for minority and/or disadvantaged re-entrants, ages 18-26, in tranisition from jail to their communities.

How it works

Arbor Circle will provide comprehensive jail and community-based services in a collaborative approach with our community's behavioral health providers. This approach will address the specific needs of young adults who have experienced incarceration through intensive and assertive engagement and outreach, system navigation, advocacy and peer support.

Programs include the following support:
• In jail and community based services
• Peer coaching
• Re-entry planning
• Peer coaching
• Case Management
• Coordination with community systems to address individual needs


RE-LINK services are offered to young men of color, ages 18-26, who are currently incarcerated at Kent County Correctional Facility and are at highest risk of reoffending.

In addition to collaborating with the Kent County Correctional Facility and Office of Community Corrections, Arbor Circle is also partnering with Grand Rapids Urban League, Criminal Justice Chaplaincy, Cherry Health, Network 180, Health Net of West Michigan, Hope Network, Steepletown Neighborhood Services, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids, and Research and Evaluation Associates.

To learn more, please call (616) 456-6571.