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Total Trek Quest Makes an Impact

Thursday, August 17, 2017

"Kyle" loved to be the center of attention. When he first got involved in Total Trek Quest, he was used to doing anything to get attention, and it didn’t matter if it was positive or negative. He was fearless in speaking up and acting out. Kyle’s behavior began to impact the rest of his teammates, and his coach knew he needed to step in. Recognizing that Kyle’s ability to handle being in the spotlight was a tremendous strength, Kyle’s coach focused on making him a team leader.

With this encouragement, Kyle started leading warmups at the start of every practice. With this new responsibility, Kyle became actively engaged in the curriculum and program. He became a true leader to the other boys on his team. His teammates also wanted to help out, and soon enough, the practices were running smoother and the whole team was blossoming. By the end of the season, Kyle’s behavior at school had improved, as well as his grades, and he was doing much better at home. He even convinced his mom to run the 5K that year!

In its 12 years, Total Trek Quest has served over 4,500 boys in nearly 50 different schools. Each TTQ participant has his own story. Some, like Kyle, learned to use their strengths in a positive way. Some of them never thought they could complete a 5K, but through the program, learned their ability to accomplish a goal is limitless. Some of the first TTQ participants have even returned to the program as coaches, giving back to their communities at a very young age. No matter their stories, these boys have been able to grow, change and thrive by being a good friend and teammate, learning to make positive healthy choices, and working towards a goal.

This fall, the program will be offered in 37 schools in Allegan, Kent, Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. The 9-week program begins the week of September 11.

Are you interested in getting involved? We still have volunteer opportunities available. To learn more or to get involved, please contact Vicki Kavanaugh.


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