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Recovery Coaches Offer Peer-Based Support

Monday, October 2, 2017

September was National Recovery month, an annual time to celebrate that people can and do recover from mental and substance use disorders.  Arbor Circle offers a variety of services to support individuals on their journeys to recovery, including individual therapy, peer support and case management services. 

Peer Advocates and Recovery Coaches are individuals who have had personal experience with substance use, recovery and treatment. Because of this experience, they can relate to clients on their own journeys to recovery, and are able to provide mentorship and peer-based support.

Crystal King came to Arbor Circle six years ago as one of the agency’s first peer coaches. Every day, Crystal works passionately to advocate for and support mothers who have used drugs or alcohol during their pregnancy.

Crystal King is a Peer Recovery Coach at Arbor Circle.

Crystal’s role can take on a variety of responsibilities, based on the unique needs of the individuals she’s working with. She will work with clients wherever they feel most comfortable, and will support them in whatever way she can. Sometimes, this means going over recovery plans, checking on goals, compiling progress reports and accompanying them to court. Other times, this means helping them look for apartments, secure jobs, connect with community resources, or work towards getting their GED.

Crystal still remembers her first client at Arbor Circle, and they still keep in contact regularly. This particular woman was in need of our services as she was in a controlling, unhealthy relationship and was dealing with some mental health issues. Crystal worked alongside her through the court process and together they worked through her issues. Today, this woman is six years sober and thriving. She no longer feels isolated – in fact, she is active in the community and is regularly volunteering in her children’s school.

Success stories like this are what keep Crystal motivated. Her favorite part of her job? Easy. She loves empowering women and helping to reunite them with their children. There is no greater success than that.

“The most important thing I want to tell people is just to give yourself a break,” Crystal said. “So often, people try to rush through recovery and get frustrated with themselves. It’s important to remember recovery is a journey, not a destination. There’s no need to rush, but it is possible. It can be done!”

Are you or a loved one facing a substance use problem? Arbor Circle is here to help. Call us at (616) 459-7215 to learn more about what steps come next.


Pregnant and parenting wom­en are a priority for admission to treatment.