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Re-entry services

Helping people use their strengths to create new behaviors

Becoming resilient is a powerful and personal experience. Arbor Circle's Valued Community Member program helps individuals who are incarcerated in the Kent County Correctional facility face the fear of change and use their strengths to create new patterns of behavior. More than 70% of those in jail in Kent County have been there before. Their lives are in a cycle that keeps them from being self-sufficient and contributing in more positive ways to the community. 

To break this cycle, Arbor Circle provides treatment and support during incarceration and when individuals return to the community. Services address mental health and substance use concerns as well as employment, housing and other basic need issues to improve their ability to live successfully in the community without illegal activity.

How it works

Community Re-entry services focus on the needs of individuals who are incarcerated and struggle with substance abuse and mental health concerns. Group and individual treatment is provided in jail to develop new thinking and behavior patterns. Services prepare the individual for re-entry into the community and provide or locate ongoing treatment and support once the individual is released from jail.

Specific services include:
• In jail and community based services
• Group treatment and supportive services
• Individual therapeutic support services
• Peer coaching
• Crisis Intervention
• Case Management
• Referrals for outpatient and other specialized needs
• Coordination with community systems to address individual needs
• Psychiatric services


The program serves men who are currently incarcerated in the Kent County Jail and have a substance use issue.  Referral processes are available through the Jail Corrections staff. To learn more, please call (616) 456-6571.

Valued Community Member services are provided in partnership with the Kent County Correctional Facility, Network 180, the Office of Community Corrections and other community partners.