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Families become resilient together

Family reading

At times, the three year old would become anxious and cry. Nothing seemed to comfort him. These were the times his mom was in the hospital. She had significant health issues that lately became more frequent. When mom was home, he seemed happy and content; playing with toys and enjoying the company of other children.

It had been hard for him. His mom and dad were good parents, but they too had struggles. Mom required several surgeries over the last year, causing the family to be frequently separated. When she recovered at home, she found it harder to have the energy and ability to actively parent. The family struggled with poverty before her health issues began. Now, with the weight of further bills, their neatly kept subsidized housing unit was about all they had.

The family was referred to Arbor Circle's Infant Mental health program by the family doctor who was concerned about the young boy. The therapist is working with the family and each family member to help them with their complicated issues.  She wants to ensure that the three year old's immediate and longer term developmental needs do not get lost in the family's struggle. They do not have many community supports but are very committed to each other. They know there will be more challenges in the future, but feel like they have the support needed to make it work. They have hope.