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Young teen battles adult problems


A teen, with a history of alcohol use that began at a very early age, came to Arbor Circle for help. Her run-ins with the law and recent behavior triggered her parents and probation officer to force the issue. She had been in treatment before. Besides the alcohol, she suffered post-traumatic stress from being sexually abused as a child. Her parents had tried to get the help she needed, but she continued to self-medicate with alcohol.

At Arbor Circle’s Counseling program, she first attended Intensive Ooupatient services, transferred to a Women’s Early Recovery Group, and now attends the women’s Seeking Safety Group. She had difficulty with continued substance use while in treatment, but eventually achieved stable abstinence and established a recovery support network with the help of a Recovery Coach. Since being in the program, she has set goals of returning to school for her General Education Degree.  She desperately wants to regain custody of her six month old child and hopefully return to steady employment. She now sets clear boundaries in her relationships and has a healthier lifestyle. She has a strong, positive connection with her therapist and says the program has saved her life.