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Homeless Youth program helps when no one else is there


For some people, being resilient is a way of life. As early as five years old, one Arbor Circle Homeless Youth client was removed from her mother who was selling drugs. During the course of multiple foster home placements and other times when she was physically and sexually abused, she was separated from her siblings and left completely on her own.

She dropped out of school in the 9th grade and ran away…again; staying with friends and other family members for short periods of time. She lived this way for years.

She then began prostituting herself with landlords for places to stay. When she came to Arbor Circle to see about the Homeless Youth program, she had just been told to leave a shelter home.

Now, she is 18 and has been in the program for two years. She comes to all the life skills building groups, works closely with her case manager on independent living and was recently accepted into low-income subsidized housing. She is now living in stable housing and has recently received her GED. She is a proud new mother and goes to parenting classes, is learning how to budget, be a smart food shopper and continues to have weekly contact with her case manager for support and guidance.

She recently wrote to the staff the following comments:  “Arbor Circle’s HYS program has been more of a family than my own family.  Staff has helped me through hard times, even the birth of my first child.  I don’t know where I would be without the program.”