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Around the Circle

Have you ever wondered what Arbor Circle is all about? Do you have friends who you think should meet us? During this 1-hour experience, guests will learn about who we are, why we do this work and what the value of our continuum of services is to their community. It’s a first-hand look at how we think differently about building relationships and supporting those on their journey toward resilience.
Private and group tours available upon request.

Share your story

Each unique story is important to us. By sharing yours, you will help the community understand the supportive services Arbor Circle offers, and more importantly, inspire others who may be uncertain about taking a similar step in their journey.

When you share your story all identifying information is removed so that it is totally anonymous.  Your story may be used on our website and for other marketing purposes.

True Colors

We are so excited to announce that the True Colors Fund will be partnering with Arbor Circle and other local community partners to create a strategic plan to better address LGBTQ youth homelessness in Grand Rapids. 


At Arbor Circle, we are working to be stronger for ourselves, our families and our community. We believe everyone has the potential to grow. We’re here to help people realize their potential and equip them to take on life’s challenges.

The Spring Dinner has a special focus on youth. We are honoring an individual who furthers Arbor Circle’s mission by helping youth and families find the strength to overcome and succeed by celebrating the work of LAURIE BEARD. We hope you will attend this dinner to learn about Laurie’s impact and to hear how Arbor Circle is helping people discover the strength to overcome obstacles in their path.
Dinner, business casual, and social atmosphere
$80 per guest - price includes valet parking
Visit the Sponsorship Opportunities page to learn more about event sponsorship.

April 22, 2015 - 5:30pm


The Goei Center
818 Butterworth St SW

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Registration information: 

More information to come...

Valued Community Member program supports community re-entry

The 24 year old came to the Arbor Circle Valued Community Member program (VCM) after he was arrested for leading the police on a high speed chase. A person in recovery, he had been in jail 3 times in the last 4 years. This time, life's pressures were just too much and he went on a binge. Now, he regrets that he “had given up.”

Young teen battles adult problems

A teen, with a history of alcohol use that began at a very early age, came to Arbor Circle for help. Her run-ins with the law and recent behavior triggered her parents and probation officer to force the issue. She had been in treatment before. Besides the alcohol, she suffered post-traumatic stress from being sexually abused as a child. Her parents had tried to get the help she needed, but she continued to self-medicate with alcohol.

Families become resilient together

At times, the three year old would become anxious and cry. Nothing seemed to comfort him. These were the times his mom was in the hospital. She had significant health issues that lately became more frequent. When mom was home, he seemed happy and content; playing with toys and enjoying the company of other children.

Parents Grow Stronger Together

A couple of months before seeking Arbor Circle's in-home family services, the 14 year old teen was constantly fighting with her parents. She stayed out late and rebelled against even the smallest parental request. She often skipped school and her grades were quickly going downhill. Her parents suspected she was drinking and putting herself at risk when she was out with her friends. The stress of dealing with her put stress on their relationship. They couldn't find anything positive about her behavior and were completely burnt out and had given up hope.

Strong Beginnings for Infant Health


In 2003, Grand Rapids had the highest black infant mortality rate in Michigan at 22.4 deaths per 1000 live births -- by comparison, white mothers were three times more likely to have a successful pregnancy. Arbor Circle and other Strong Beginnings program partners are addressing the issue as highlighted in this April 2012 Rapid Growth article. Click here to see the article.