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Kent County Correctional Facility In-Jail Services

Success starts with asking for help

Arbor Circle understands that change is not made in a straight line.  As people work to become resilient, they may come back to familiar places and patterns, even unhealthy ones. We view these as opportunities and believe that success starts with asking for help.

The Arbor Circle Kent County Correctional Facility Services Program (KCCF) provides substance use and mental health services to inmates of the Kent County Jail. The services provide inmates with skills and insights that assist them in changing thinking patterns that lead to unhealthy behavior. Inmates are provided cognitive behavior therapies to improve problem solving abilities. 

The goal is to reintegrate inmates more successfully into the community, reduce recidivism and encourage their acceptance of continued treatment in the community. A seamless continuum of services is essential to effectively treat their substance use, mental health and complex needs; including employment, housing and daily living skill development.

How it works

Male and female inmates are provided cognitive behavioral therapy-based group services that focus on substance use and mental health concerns.  They are provided information on community-based resources to assist them upon release.  The goal is to reduce crime upon release and improve their substance use and mental health conditions.

Arbor Circle services at the Kent County Correctional Facility include four programs.

The Sober Living Unit serves men and women who have a substance use disorder by providing group and individual services.

A substance use relapse prevention group for individuals who are eligible for Kent County Office of Community Corrections services.

Within the jail are separate male and female re-entry units focusing on re-entry skills for successful community living

Re-entry planning and community treatment services for men who have a history of substance use and multiple incarcerations through the Valued Community Member program 


Individuals must be currently incarcerated in the Kent County Jail and have a mental health and/or substance use issue.  Referral processes are available through the Corrections staff. To learn more, please call (616) 456-6571.

Services are provided in partnership with the Kent County Correctional Facility, Network 180 and the Office of Community Corrections.