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Recovery Management

Equipping people to take on life's challenges

Arbor Circle builds upon personal strengths to equip people for the crisis of the day and life's challenges of tomorrow. Recovery Management Services help people address addiction and mental health problems through a community-based approach which builds new support networks in the community.  Individuals develop additional strengths to support their connection to treatment, to their community, and to their unique plan of recovery.

Pregnant and parenting women are a priority for admission to treatment.

How it works

Recovery Management Services provides long-term support for those individuals who have struggled with recovery. Through a combination of individual therapy, peer support and case management services, individuals develop skills and create the pathway to recovery that is best for them.

The following services are provided:
• Services provided in convenient community based settings
• Outreach and engagement
• Individual therapeutic support services
• Peer coaching
• Crisis Intervention
• Case Management
• Referrals for outpatient and other specialized needs
• Coordination with community systems to address individual needs
• Psychiatric services


Recovery Management Services are offered to adults who have an identified substance use problem, have limited supports, and may have additional physical, emotional and mental health challenges that require additional supportive services. Community-based services include a team of a Therapist and a Peer Recovery Coach. 

Are you or a loved one facing a substance use problem? Call us at (616) 456-6571 to learn more about how we can help.