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Services for Women

Guiding women and families to self-renewing resilience

For women and families facing issues of addiction, our approach can be life-changing.  Having the skills and perspective to adapt serves more than a person's immediate needs. As new challenges emerge, our clients are able to ask different questions, see more opportunities, become more resourceful and ultimately lead healthy, self-sufficient lives.

Arbor Circle’s Women’s Services help women and their families access support and treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues. Provided in the family’s home, services help parents and children learn together; while removing barriers to recovery such as transportation and other basic needs. Experienced staff guide families to discover new strengths, establish support networks and support women and their families as they create paths to recovery.

Pregnant and parenting wom­en are a priority for admission to treatment.

How it works

Arbor Circle’s Women’s Services provide culturally, gender specific and developmentally appropriate assessments and treatment planning for women and their children.  Individual and family therapy and support services are provided to address a wide range of substance use and mental health concerns. These services help families develop skills to support each other and connect parents with supports in the community that can encourage them on the path to recovery.

Women’s Services includes several gender sensitive and family focused programs; including the Family Engagement Program, Women’s Project Access, and Enhanced Women’s Services.  All programs include the following support:
• Services provided in a community based setting
• Outreach and engagement
• Individual and family counseling services
• Peer coaching
• Crisis Intervention
• Case management for families with children
• Referrals for outpatient and other specialized services
• Coordination with community systems to address family needs
• Psychiatric services


Family Engagement Services are offered to women who have identified a substance use problem and are parenting children in their home. Services are provided in the home and other convenient locations. This program provides a team approach with a therapist, Peer Recovery Coach and Case Manager.

Women’s Project Access is offered to women with substance use issues who are pregnant or have a child in an out of home placement. In-home services provided by a therapist include case coordination, therapy and advocacy.
Enhanced Women’s Services are offered to women who are pregnant or have an infant up to twelve months old and have used drugs or alcohol during their pregnancy. Case management and advocacy support is included in this program provided by Peer Advocates.

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