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Children and families

Discovering new strengths to face hard times

Arbor Circle’s children and family services guide people to discover the perspective and coping skills needed to adapt or even avoid life’s challenges through a variety of mental health outpatient, in-home and Wraparound services for children, teens and families.

When a child or youth faces mental health and other developmental challenges, it often impacts many aspects of his or her life, from school performance to behavior at home and in the community. Arbor Circle services include culturally and developmentally appropriate assessments, treatment planning and counseling to help recognize or prevent unhealthy patterns and use strengths to create new approaches. 

Arbor Circle offers many services from individual, family and group services, specialized counseling for traumatic issues, in-home counseling services or wraparound intensive support. Through these programs, families discover new strengths and skills to become more resilient in the face of change during hard times.

Children and family services offered by Arbor Circle are provided through the following programs:

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