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Community Based Recovery Services

Supporting youth and adults as they face issues of substance use

Arbor Circle’s Community Based Recovery Services guide individuals to discover the perspective and coping skills needed to adapt or even avoid life’s challenges by providing outpatient substance abuse and mental health services to youth and adults.

Pregnant and parenting wom­en are a priority for admission to treatment.

How it works

Arbor Circle’s outpatient counseling services include culturally and developmentally appropriate assessments, treatment planning, and individual, group and intensive outpatient group services to an array of substance use and mental health concerns. These include but are not limited to alcohol, drug and mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, grief and loss, family relationship issues, and trauma. Counseling services for alcohol and drug concerns include:

  • Individual, group and family counseling services
  • Intensive Outpatient Services
  • Outreach services for in-home alcohol and drug use counseling
  • Court assessments for alcohol and drug use
  • Drivers license assessments for alcohol and drug use
  • Highway safety classes for alcohol and drug use


Arbor Circle offers many alcohol and drug counseling services for adults and teens. Most are offered at convenient locations throughout the community. Some are offered free of charge.  Others are covered by major insurances, including Medicaid. Pregnant wom­en, women with children and those involved with child welfare are a priority for treatment. 

Are you or a loved one facing a substance use problem? Call us at (616) 459-7215 to learn more about how we can help and what steps come next.  Arbor Circle provides alcohol and drug counseling services through the following programs: