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Strong Beginnings

Reaching Out to help pregnant women

Strong Beginnings was designed to promote healthy births among African American women, and eliminate the huge difference in infant death and low birth weight between African Americans and Whites.

Arbor Circle’s Strong Beginnings Services provide in-home therapy and case management services for pregnant/parenting African American women with mental health or substance use concerns. Individual and group support is provided, in addition to coordination of services to address mental health needs, including psychiatric services.

How it works

Strong Beginnings reaches out to pregnant women, and their partners through home visits and other forms of outreach to ensure that women begin prenatal care during the first three months of pregnancy and have regular care throughout pregnancy and after delivery. Strong Beginnings services are offered to families living in Kent County that are either pregnant or the mother or father of a child 0-24 months old.

Community Health Workers provide social support, referrals, and education. They work together with the Kent County Health Department, Cherry Street Health Services, The Salvation Army Booth Clinic, Breton Health Center, Spectrum Health’s MOM’s program, the Strong Beginnings Fatherhood initiative, and Arbor Circle.

Arbor Circle’s Strong Beginnings services provide:

  • Support Services for you and your baby during the pregnancy and for twenty-four months after delivery.
  • Help with getting resources such as transportation, food, baby supplies, and medical care.
  • Education for families, health care providers, and the community on ways to improve the health of infants.
  • Treatment for women with symptoms of depression.
  • Parenting skills building for first-time parents.


Strong Beginnings services are offered to African American families living in Kent County that are either pregnant or the mother or father of a child 0-24 months old. Strong Beginnings is a community-wide program created to improve health care and health education for African American mothers, fathers, and their babies – from pregnancy through early childhood. Click here to find the program featured in Rapid Growth!

Want to receive the help you need for a healthier baby? Sign up for Strong Beginning services today. For more information, call (616) 456-6571.