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Youth Services

Guiding youth to positive development

Strong therapeutic relationships are at the core of helping youth. Using the principles of positive youth development, we provide a wide range of age appropriate and strength based services. We help youth and young adults identify and maximize the abilities they have for successful living.

These relationships go beyond traditional therapy. There are times when youth need the shelter and support of The Bridge when they are at risk of running away and/or being homeless, to ensure they have a safe and accessible place in times of crisis. Some youth may need Arbor Circle’s Homeless Youth services for case management and counseling services when they are without safe and stable housing. Arbor Circle’s Youth Prevention services are provided to equip youth with healthy coping and safe decision making skills. Programs include:

For shelter or Youth services in Kent and Ottawa Counties call Arbor Circle toll-free at 1-877-275-7792, or call (616) 451-3001. Or learn more about how we think and work differently at Arbor Circle.

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